I want another dog so bad. There’s a beautiful German Shepherd on this rescue centres website & i know she would be perfect. I’ve tried to persuade my mum to at least consider getting another dog but she won’t & it’s killing me. She won’t even let me go & see her. I’ve been feeling really down lately & i feel like i need a massive pick me up…this would be perfect ha. 

Have a really bad angled photo with a really nice sky.

lol byes 




I still can’t believe i have the Jeffree Star Androgyny pallet it’s so beautiful !! I’m pretty sure it’s being delivered tomorrow and i honestly cannot wait to create two looks that i’ve already planned out. I’ve never been into makeup, like i really don’t wear that much even though it looks like it. I just go very over the top on eyeshadow and eyeliner since i know i’m good (ish) at them. Hopefully i will get better since it is a strong hobby !! 

This photograph was taken when my friends and i did our first photo shoot for photography. The location was on top of a beautiful mountain and we went during the winter so there was snow. Despite it was freezing it was such a good day !! 

ok lol byes !! 



I am so unbelievably excited right now !! So i’m guessing like none of you know but i am a massive drag (king/queen) fanatic and recently I’ve gotten tickets to see two of my favourite queens !! I started liking drag through Willam Belli as she was in a few youtubers videos & i thought i recognised the name. I then began watching RuPaul’s Drag Race back in March or April i believe & the obsession started from there.

My favourite 3 queens are Willam, Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova (i will never be able to spell that omg) mainly due to their comedy and how well they work together. My first ever drag show will be to see Trixie a day after my birthday which is practically fate & the other show ,which i got tickets for today, is for Queens of Comedy and Katya is in the line up !! I’m honestly so excited for both shows but a little bit more excited for the queen’s of comedy show as it also featured Lady Bunny, Bendelacreme, Bianca Del Rio, Alyssa Edwards and Charlie Hides !!

This photograph saved my photography course work from completely failing as my work was based on sunsets & silhouettes & i hadn’t shot a good sunset. Literally the day before the exam this sunset appeared & i had never run fast enough to get all my camera equipment !!

lol thanks bye !!




Okay so this is new. I’ve wanted to start a photography blog for a long time yet there were so many things telling me not to but here we are. I hope to be posting regularly, if not everyday! My photography is mainly based around landscapes, portraits, architecture with the newest theme being make up. I hope you enjoy my photographs and i can’t wait to here feedback !!