i haven’t really kept up with posting have i ? aha i’m sorry !! i’ll try & get back into it :)) 

This was taken last December outside of Harrods:) 

lol okay byes !! 



Really not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. Especially since i have Media first and second lessons and my teacher is really bad. He just leaves the class for at least an hour when literally everyone needs help. Ugh he’s the worst. I also have Product Design (wood tech basically) and i’ve completely forgotten to go and get supplies for the lamp i’m making. I don’t even like the subject yet i’m being made to spend over £40 on brass materials that’ll go in to an awful lamp that’ll never be used. 

This photograph was taken in London, Covent Gardens when my school took us for an Art/Photography/Product Design trip. It was a really good day despite it being rushed. I’ve been to London twice and i’ve still never see Big Ben, The London Eye or Buckingham Palace yet. Maybe next time !! 

lol ok byes !!