Really not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. Especially since i have Media first and second lessons and my teacher is really bad. He just leaves the class for at least an hour when literally everyone needs help. Ugh he’s the worst. I also have Product Design (wood tech basically) and i’ve completely forgotten to go and get supplies for the lamp i’m making. I don’t even like the subject yet i’m being made to spend over £40 on brass materials that’ll go in to an awful lamp that’ll never be used. 

This photograph was taken in London, Covent Gardens when my school took us for an Art/Photography/Product Design trip. It was a really good day despite it being rushed. I’ve been to London twice and i’ve still never see Big Ben, The London Eye or Buckingham Palace yet. Maybe next time !! 

lol ok byes !!  



For ages i’ve been convincing my mum to get another dog but she won’t give in. I personally think it would be great for both of us and for my first dog who is unbelievably lazy. I feel like my cat wouldn’t care much since she knows she’s the actual love of my life and no attention could be taken away from her. I found two rescue dogs that would be a great fit; one being a husky cross and the other being a white german shepard cross. When looking on the shelter websites i came across dogs called Fingers, House, Sherry Trifle and a bunch named after different types of pasta. Who names these dogs ?!? 

I literally just finished watching Kingsman Secret Service and it is an incredible film. Usually films longer than an hour and a half make me loose interest yet this film was 2 hours and i was intrigued the whole way. Strongly reccomend this film but for people who don’t like gore…maybe stay away or be prepared:) 

This photograph was taken quite a while back when i went out with my friend to shoot things for our portfolios. I honestly have no idea what this building it but i love the design of it. I really like the colour pallet of this photograph – the neutral cool tones that the pink in the blossom break up. 

lol thank u bye !! 


I really hate this time of day since there’s is very rarely something to do. No one uploads videos on youtube this early and let’s face it Netflix really isn’t that great. It’s the time of day that you actually think of doing school work..i mean i obviously don’t but the thought is there. Every youtuber i like uploads at like 6 onwards so i just have to re-watch a bunch of series. 

Youtubers i reccomend are – 

  • Hat Films – Gaming based yet they like to do skits and vlogs. Their videos now are consisted of GTA, Farming Simulator (ugh), Rust, GMod, Trails & loads others. These guys are my favourite so go check them out !! 
  • Life of Tom – Daily Vlog based however he also does gaming videos over on TheSyndicateProject. He’s a very insperational vlogger and he seems like a really great guy !! 
  • TGFBro – These guys are really different to the other two. They do a lot of challenge videos which consist of bathing in weird things, exploring abandoned buildings, pranking each other and loads of other hilarious things. They’re one of my newest favourites, no other channel has made me cry from laughter like these. 
  • Shane – I think everyone knows who Shane Dawson is but for those who don’t. Shane uploads daily on his second channel that are usually food based yet my favourite videos of his are his conspiracy and exploring haunted places videos. 
  • David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Heath Husser, Zane Hijazi, The Gabbie Show, Scotty Sire & Toddy Smith – A group of friends who all vlog (apart from Liza). They’re all hilarious and despite them being around each other all the time their vlog content is very different from each other. 

I think that’s all of them lol. 

This photograph was taken ages ago. I believe it was only a few months after i got my first camera, hence the over all look of it. I was really proud of it when i shot it and even now i still like it. 

lol thanks byes !! 


I know recently there’s been a lot of posts about my hair in but i found out i totally messed it up !! I tried to dye over the orange but i guess i got purple on the brown hair and that turned a very obvious red/purple. So now I have a clump of hair that’s red with purple highlights in surrounded by normal brown hair. Oh and i also found bits of orange too. So i don’t care anymore and it’s all going purple, it’ll fade in a few washes anyway. 

Tomorrow i’m going out with my friends to take photographs for our art and photography portfolio and i honestly can’t wait. My main idea in my portfolio is ‘Pecuiliar’ with the side theme ‘Abandoned’. If anyone has seen or read Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children then you know Olive with her fire peculiarity. There’s a gif of her looking down and then when she looks up fire comes from her hands and i’m going to try and recreate that. Gonna be difficult but hopefully it’ll work !! 

This was taken last year and even though it’s so simple i love how the colours, especially the pinks, show through on the photograph. 

lol thank u bye !! 


Not really much to say today other than my hair is no longer orange (thank u hair gods) however it’s still kind of showing through the purple but it should fade. My overall hair colour goal is a denim blue (so like you see on blue jeans basically) but i’m waiting till my hair gets a little longer so i can have my fringe cut into a full fringe and i won’t look like i have a lego helmet. 

If we just look past the ugly angle & the shadows & the bottle and cigarets packet, this photograph is actually really beautiful. I found this graffiti up in the woods near my house about 3 years ago i think. Honestly i think this photograph has kept me going throughout my photography “journey”. It shows a simple yet powerful message that is completely true. If you have an idea or dream that you are totally passionate about then why let anyone destroy it (yano unless it’s something bad). Take pride in your  dream and pursue it to the best of your ability. It’s exactly what i’m doing with photography. Ideas are indeed bullet proof.  

lol thanks bye !! 


I’m so excited for tomorrow !! My friends and i are getting together to play Monopoly, Family Fortunes and my personal favourite Bratz Rock Angels – the board game. I feel like i haven’t seen them in ages so it’ll be really great to see them !! 

Tomorrow i also hope to re-dye my hair purple since i’m sick of the orange i have now. I’m one of those people that can’t stick with a hair colour more than two months, if that, and i’ve had orange since halloween so it’s driving me crazy. I found this “treatment” to lighten dyed hair but it hardly worked so i just have to re-dye it a darker purple than i hoped but still it’s better than orange. 

This photograph was taken on my first ever shoot with the Sigma 70-300mm lens. I honestly love this lens & i hate that i don’t get to use it as much as i could. Also ducks are an underrated animal. I should become a duck photographer – a duckographer if you will. 

lol thank u bye !! 


I am so unbelievably excited right now !! So i’m guessing like none of you know but i am a massive drag (king/queen) fanatic and recently I’ve gotten tickets to see two of my favourite queens !! I started liking drag through Willam Belli as she was in a few youtubers videos & i thought i recognised the name. I then began watching RuPaul’s Drag Race back in March or April i believe & the obsession started from there.

My favourite 3 queens are Willam, Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova (i will never be able to spell that omg) mainly due to their comedy and how well they work together. My first ever drag show will be to see Trixie a day after my birthday which is practically fate & the other show ,which i got tickets for today, is for Queens of Comedy and Katya is in the line up !! I’m honestly so excited for both shows but a little bit more excited for the queen’s of comedy show as it also featured Lady Bunny, Bendelacreme, Bianca Del Rio, Alyssa Edwards and Charlie Hides !!

This photograph saved my photography course work from completely failing as my work was based on sunsets & silhouettes & i hadn’t shot a good sunset. Literally the day before the exam this sunset appeared & i had never run fast enough to get all my camera equipment !!

lol thanks bye !!