Third day back in school and i’ve already taken a day off whoops. At least this time i wasn’t faking it despite my mum thinking i probably am. My teachers think that i’m a, i quote “sickly girl”, which i find quite funny. 

I have a face paint look that i want to try out but i’m really not in the mood aha. My photography portfolio has to be done or almost finished by easter and it’s stressing me out. I tend to do more work in lessons when no one talks to me compared to at home since i’ve usually fallen asleep. i swear i have something wrong with me other than my awful sleeping pattern.

This photograph is part of my ‘elements’ category in my school portfolio. I used smoke to demonstrate how the air element works. By the way it’s a piece of paper, not anything else in case you’re wondering !! 

lols ok bye !! 


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