For ages i’ve been convincing my mum to get another dog but she won’t give in. I personally think it would be great for both of us and for my first dog who is unbelievably lazy. I feel like my cat wouldn’t care much since she knows she’s the actual love of my life and no attention could be taken away from her. I found two rescue dogs that would be a great fit; one being a husky cross and the other being a white german shepard cross. When looking on the shelter websites i came across dogs called Fingers, House, Sherry Trifle and a bunch named after different types of pasta. Who names these dogs ?!? 

I literally just finished watching Kingsman Secret Service and it is an incredible film. Usually films longer than an hour and a half make me loose interest yet this film was 2 hours and i was intrigued the whole way. Strongly reccomend this film but for people who don’t like gore…maybe stay away or be prepared:) 

This photograph was taken quite a while back when i went out with my friend to shoot things for our portfolios. I honestly have no idea what this building it but i love the design of it. I really like the colour pallet of this photograph – the neutral cool tones that the pink in the blossom break up. 

lol thank u bye !! 


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