I really hate this time of day since there’s is very rarely something to do. No one uploads videos on youtube this early and let’s face it Netflix really isn’t that great. It’s the time of day that you actually think of doing school work..i mean i obviously don’t but the thought is there. Every youtuber i like uploads at like 6 onwards so i just have to re-watch a bunch of series. 

Youtubers i reccomend are – 

  • Hat Films – Gaming based yet they like to do skits and vlogs. Their videos now are consisted of GTA, Farming Simulator (ugh), Rust, GMod, Trails & loads others. These guys are my favourite so go check them out !! 
  • Life of Tom – Daily Vlog based however he also does gaming videos over on TheSyndicateProject. He’s a very insperational vlogger and he seems like a really great guy !! 
  • TGFBro – These guys are really different to the other two. They do a lot of challenge videos which consist of bathing in weird things, exploring abandoned buildings, pranking each other and loads of other hilarious things. They’re one of my newest favourites, no other channel has made me cry from laughter like these. 
  • Shane – I think everyone knows who Shane Dawson is but for those who don’t. Shane uploads daily on his second channel that are usually food based yet my favourite videos of his are his conspiracy and exploring haunted places videos. 
  • David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Heath Husser, Zane Hijazi, The Gabbie Show, Scotty Sire & Toddy Smith – A group of friends who all vlog (apart from Liza). They’re all hilarious and despite them being around each other all the time their vlog content is very different from each other. 

I think that’s all of them lol. 

This photograph was taken ages ago. I believe it was only a few months after i got my first camera, hence the over all look of it. I was really proud of it when i shot it and even now i still like it. 

lol thanks byes !! 


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