I know recently there’s been a lot of posts about my hair in but i found out i totally messed it up !! I tried to dye over the orange but i guess i got purple on the brown hair and that turned a very obvious red/purple. So now I have a clump of hair that’s red with purple highlights in surrounded by normal brown hair. Oh and i also found bits of orange too. So i don’t care anymore and it’s all going purple, it’ll fade in a few washes anyway. 

Tomorrow i’m going out with my friends to take photographs for our art and photography portfolio and i honestly can’t wait. My main idea in my portfolio is ‘Pecuiliar’ with the side theme ‘Abandoned’. If anyone has seen or read Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children then you know Olive with her fire peculiarity. There’s a gif of her looking down and then when she looks up fire comes from her hands and i’m going to try and recreate that. Gonna be difficult but hopefully it’ll work !! 

This was taken last year and even though it’s so simple i love how the colours, especially the pinks, show through on the photograph. 

lol thank u bye !! 


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