Not really much to say today other than my hair is no longer orange (thank u hair gods) however it’s still kind of showing through the purple but it should fade. My overall hair colour goal is a denim blue (so like you see on blue jeans basically) but i’m waiting till my hair gets a little longer so i can have my fringe cut into a full fringe and i won’t look like i have a lego helmet. 

If we just look past the ugly angle & the shadows & the bottle and cigarets packet, this photograph is actually really beautiful. I found this graffiti up in the woods near my house about 3 years ago i think. Honestly i think this photograph has kept me going throughout my photography “journey”. It shows a simple yet powerful message that is completely true. If you have an idea or dream that you are totally passionate about then why let anyone destroy it (yano unless it’s something bad). Take pride in your  dream and pursue it to the best of your ability. It’s exactly what i’m doing with photography. Ideas are indeed bullet proof.  

lol thanks bye !! 


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