So yesterday my dad & i went out to find an abandoned castle in literally the middle of no where. It was called Ruperra Castle and it was built in 1626.

We drove close to the site of the castle but as no cars were allowed we had to walk the rest of the way. We parked at the beginning of the trail & started the mile and a half walk, uphill, in the freezing weather.

Despite it being freezing, the walk up there was really interesting. We first past an abandoned brick barn and then a little further ahead there was a working farm. When walking up we began to see the castle off a banking (which i may or may not of gotten stuck up a few times). Sadly when we got to the main enterence it was gated off with a camera up a tree. As much as i wanted to see the castle close up i didn’t want to get caught. Instead we found a trail leading to the back field where we were able to take some pretty descent shots. On the grounds of the castle there were two horses & they came over to see what was happening, they were nice though !!

I really wish to go shoot the castle again and definitely get closer to the castle but for now the pictures i got are usuable and will be featured in my school portfolio !!

lol thanks bye !!


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