So much for uploading everyday; I’ve downloaded the app on my phone so hopefully this will become a lot easier.

I’m at this point with photography were I’ve become extremely unsure with my work. I still love it and i will always want to carry it on as a job but studying it in school has drained me. Comparing yourself to others is literally the worst thing you can ever do, especially in creative subjects like photography. Two people can photograph the exact same spot and one photo will turn out better than the other, it’s bound to happen. I really don’t want to feel like this over a hobby i have so much passion for.

I think the reason this has got to me is that school is wiping me out so hopefully during the week off i will have inspiration to do more work. My goal is 150+ slides in each of my portfolios & i’ll get back to you at Easter to see if I’ve done it !!

I took this photograph as soon as i got home from school. I tend to have a lot of creative thoughts walking home as it’s a long trek. I used the eyeshadow pallets from Sleek and NYX as their pigment is insane !! I edited this photograph so the background was darker and the colours stood out.

Sorry for rambling lol bye !!




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