I want another dog so bad. There’s a beautiful German Shepherd on this rescue centres website & i know she would be perfect. I’ve tried to persuade my mum to at least consider getting another dog but she won’t & it’s killing me. She won’t even let me go & see her. I’ve been feeling really down lately & i feel like i need a massive pick me up…this would be perfect ha. 

Have a really bad angled photo with a really nice sky.

lol byes 




I know this photo is kinda messy but i like it. How the red pops from all the brown and dull colours in the background. I took this as a little test my teacher gave us when we were in london. We had to try and take photographs of iconic symbols of london (buses, telephone boxes ect) To be honest this was the only one that i took that i don’t really mind. 

I’ll try to upload more, i’m doing a lot of make up based things for photography & it’s taking my mind away from things !! 

ok tho, byyeess !!


Rupaul’s Drag Race is back tonight & im soooooo excited !! The cast looks insane & Lady Gaga is the first guest judge i just can’t. My definite top 3 are Sasha Velour, Farrah Moan & Charlie Hides who i’m seeing in 160 days with Queens of Comedy !! I’m so glad to have a good tv show back since i’m really behind on The Walking Dead & haven’t had a chance to catch up yet. 

This photograph was taken in London back in December last year. I really like this photo due to how the colours of the sign pop out & how simplistic the overall image is. 

I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen to kill time before Drag Race aires at midnight (7pm USA) lol pray for me, byeeees:) 


i haven’t posted in a while sorry. 

In recent news i’m sick right now & it hurts to talk. I’ve also been persuading my mum to let me have drums since i want to broaden my instruments. I can play guitar, bass, piano & ive tried violin so i feel like drums would be cool. 

I took this last December in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Was a really good trio & i want to go back soon. 

My dog won’t stop barking & it’s driving me insane lol byes !! 



I still can’t believe i have the Jeffree Star Androgyny pallet it’s so beautiful !! I’m pretty sure it’s being delivered tomorrow and i honestly cannot wait to create two looks that i’ve already planned out. I’ve never been into makeup, like i really don’t wear that much even though it looks like it. I just go very over the top on eyeshadow and eyeliner since i know i’m good (ish) at them. Hopefully i will get better since it is a strong hobby !! 

This photograph was taken when my friends and i did our first photo shoot for photography. The location was on top of a beautiful mountain and we went during the winter so there was snow. Despite it was freezing it was such a good day !! 

ok lol byes !! 



Third day back in school and i’ve already taken a day off whoops. At least this time i wasn’t faking it despite my mum thinking i probably am. My teachers think that i’m a, i quote “sickly girl”, which i find quite funny. 

I have a face paint look that i want to try out but i’m really not in the mood aha. My photography portfolio has to be done or almost finished by easter and it’s stressing me out. I tend to do more work in lessons when no one talks to me compared to at home since i’ve usually fallen asleep. i swear i have something wrong with me other than my awful sleeping pattern.

This photograph is part of my ‘elements’ category in my school portfolio. I used smoke to demonstrate how the air element works. By the way it’s a piece of paper, not anything else in case you’re wondering !! 

lols ok bye !!